Storage Sheds Review Guide

Doing yard work is never going to be easy if you’re lugging around all of your tools from your basement or garage. Maintaining a pool isn’t easy if everything you need to clean and cover it is hidden among piles of supplies you never use. Storage sheds are a fast and convenient way to have exterior housing for your exterior primping. Whether you buy a premade little-assembly-required outdoor storage shed, or a kit outlining the required materials, as well as the hardware, there is an option out there for any budget, and any sized yard. They are ideal for keeping in your lawn mowers, gardening tools, pool care supplies, or can even be used as a bike storage shed! With plenty of room, and the shelving to match, the possibilities for your outdoor storage needs are endless.

You should remember that when we're talking about wooden toy kitchens we mean real wood. In our opinion, products manufactured using low-grade MDF (medium-density fiberboard) don't qualify as wooden.

Rubbermaid Plastic Large Outdoor Storage Shed

 Rubbermaid Plastic Large Outdoor Storage Shed

With three sizes offered for these plastic storage sheds, they are ideal for anyone looking for an easy to install, and durable shed. The large shed covers approximately 159 cubic feet, and is ideal for a medium to larger sized yard, and is best for holding larger equipment including a lawn mower, and bicycles. Though not added in the purchase of the shed, there is an option to purchase adjustable shelves to assist with your outdoor storage needs. The Rubbermaid plastic storage shed is made to be highly durable, with a double walled construction, and an impact-resistant floor, to protect your belongings from weather damage, while allowing for heavier items to fit inside without damaging the interior. Because it is plastic, it also will not be prone to rust or mould. Installation is simple and straightforward, with easy to follow instructions, and nothing more than a rubber mallet, screwdriver and drill are needed!

Though plastic storage sheds do tend to withstand more wear and tear, the Rubbermaid includes hard plastic doors, which do not provide as sturdy a hold as one would hope. That being noted, it still will hold excellently in the cold and wind, so long as you are not leaving an empty, unharnessed shed in your yard! Unfortunately, if you are hoping to customize your plastic storage shed, because of their polyethylene and polypropylene exteriors, you’re going to have to fall in love with the colour of your shed, as you won’t be able to paint, or alter the design of it. However, these factors make plastic storage sheds perfect for a low maintenance, stress free storage unit! There is no need to worry about having pieces not fit together, nor is there a need to worry about the weather permitting you to prime and stain your shed. You can build it, and fill it all in a day’s work!

What Stacked Up

Durable design

Straightforward assembly

Leak, stain, dent proof

What Fell Short

Plastic door isn’t very sturdy


Shelving not included

Hopkins 90192 2x4Basics Shed Kit -Peak Style Roof

Hopkins 2X4Basics Shed Kit, Peak Style Roof

With a product name this long, it should offer wooden storage sheds worthy of this title -and it does! It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice at building things yourself, or if your blood type is DIY, this easy to follow kit is ideal for wood storage sheds you want to build yourself. Based on the size of the storage shed kits ordered, you will receive the necessary connector brackets and a list of materials alongside the assembly instructions. You can buy a kit for small storage sheds, or combine kits for a shed up to 10 feet wide, and 22 feet long. From there, you can make the shed kit you purchased, or have some fun and create something unique (provided it uses the same number of brackets as the kit you bought). The connectors are made of 24 gauge galvanized steel to weather the elements, which you can pair with the lumber of your choosing. These connectors are a tad flimsy, so you’ll need the help of a second person to hold them down while installing, if you don’t already plan on having help. Unlike its metal storage sheds predecessor, wooden storage sheds allow for a sturdy shed, and keeping its interiors safe from the elements, while retaining its unscathed exterior.

As wood has the ability to rot, this is a danger with wood storage sheds, especially one being build with a kit. Just like everything, however, if the wood is treated and stained properly to prevent rotting and other damages, then there will be no cause to worry about your wooden shed. If you aren’t sure how to properly treat wood, your lumber supplier will give you all the tools and tips required once you purchase your lumber. Because the materials you need are not pre-cut and pre-made, assembly will take a little longer, especially when lumber purchasing and treating is involved. Once assembled, you’ll also need to consider whether you want to stain or paint your wood, if you don’t like the look of natural wood, or just want to customize it to fit you.

What Stacked Up

You can customize your shed in design, and finish

All parts are included, and kits can be combined for larger sheds

Affordable, and allows for personal budgeting on lumber

What Fell Short

Connectors can’t stand up on their own during install

Lumber cost can be high

To Close Up

If you are looking for an outdoor storage shed that is durable, and easy to put together, the plastic storage sheds are what you need. They are strong, long lasting, and can be put together in a matter of hours. If you want something you can build yourself, want to keep busy for a weekend, and have something to customize in shape, colour, or both, then storage shed kits for wooden storage sheds are good for you. With either option, you will have a highly durable option for your outdoor storage.