Shoes Storage Review - All The Help You Need.

It is not likely that one pair of shoes can comfortably withstand muddy leaves, snow piles, rain puddles, and sandy beaches. Nor is it likely that someone would go to work in the same shoes they danced a wedding in. Because of discrepancies in weather, and activities, sometimes it's better to have a storage compartment for your unused shoes, than it is to keep them lying around with nowhere to go. Shoes storage is important for adding space to your closets and floors, while eliminating a large chunk of floor space. There are always a variety of options for those who may prefer to have a hanging rack of plastic inserts on their bedroom door, or an under bed shoe storage system that conveniently stays out of sight, but hopefully not out of mind.

For someone who might not have enough pairs of shoes to fill an entire storage bag, there are a fair amount of shoes storage cases that can fit an array of items from jewellery, to wrapping paper rolls! Should the under bed shoe storage not be what you’re looking for, there are always shoe storage cabinets, which allow for your shoes to be upright, and sit in their own closet. Shoe cabinet storage is preferred for taller, or bulkier, shoes that may not fit comfortably in the small confinements of an under bed case. They are also best for those who are concerned about delicate shoes losing their shape if they were to be compressed. If it is cheap shoe storage you are interested in, however, the under bed cases are the best way to go!

Rubbermaid Configurations 3-Handle Lowe-Profile Box

This profile box is perfect if you have a lot of different sized shoes, or would prefer to have a little more inside of it than just your shoes. Unlike other under the bed shoe storage systems, it does not have any set compartments within it to allow for varied sizes, and additional items for storage. It’s just an open space, which is why it can also be used for longer items, or even to store any taller winter boots during warmer months. Its contemporary design gives it the look of a travel case, which is ideal for those who do not like the clunky look that shoe storage cases can have. Though it looks like it can be used as a travel case, the material and weight do not support this. The main function for the handles are to easily (and lightly) pull the storage case from underneath your bed. So if you have a lot inside of it and are hoping to take it by the handles, be prepared for them to give in.

As far as shoe storage boxes go, the Configurations is versatile and flexible, which means that if you are putting more than just your shoes inside of it, you will be able to squeeze a couple more smaller items inside with no issue.This is likely due to the lack of solid interior liner, which also attributes to the fact that this shoes storage case should not be lifted when full. A word of caution: don’t squeeze too much into it, as though it allows for some give, it is still not made to be overstuffed, so you might end up tearing the fabric.

What Stacked Up

Great design

Compact enough to fit under the bed

Multiple storage possibilities

What Fell Short

Fabric and handles are easily torn

No inner lining for added strength

Pro-Mart DAZZ Underbed Shoe Storage

The DAZZ Underbed Shoe Storage system is divided into 12 compartments designed for both women’s and men’s shoes. It has a clear zippered top, and has hard sides and a sturdier bottom than a regular fabric under bed shoe storage case, meaning that the handles are made to be tugged, but lifting it as if it were a bag is still not advisable. The DAZZ is made from VentilAir fabric, which is breathable, and allows fresh air to flow through it, keeping away any musky scent when you need to go through it again. Though it is compartmentalised, it is still possible to use this to store any smaller items that you would normally not have room for.

The hard shell on this shoes storage case is actually made of cardboard, so any sudden movements can jerk all of your shoes inside, causing you to reconfigure the base. It also means that though it allows for a sturdier case than the Configurations, it is still not as sturdy as one would hope. The compartments won’t fit anything larger than a men’s size 10 shoe, so it will be difficult to squeeze something larger inside for added room. If something bigger is squeezed inside, it may result in the seams of the compartments tearing, as they are not meant to fit everything.

What Stacked Up

Compartments for easy storage

Clear lid to see contents

Fits under the bed without issue

Hard shell

What Fell Short

Interior shell and compartments are flimsy

Material susceptible to tears

To Close Up

Sometimes, an inexpensive under bed shoe storage means that you are also buying a cheap shoe storage system. However, for the money you’re spending, you’re getting exactly what you need: a functional, sleek case for storing your shoes and/or smaller items. Both the Rubbermaid Configurations, and the Pro-Mart DAZZ are inexpensive, but look like they should cost more than you’re actually paying. With fabric and canvas exteriors, respectively, they offer something more than the generic plastic door hanger shoe storage system. They both fit neatly under beds, and will store whatever you need. If you pull too hard, or if you try to squeeze larger items inside, they will fray and tear, which is nothing a quick needle and thread won’t be able to fix. However, both of them are still a great value for your money, and as long as you treat them gently, there shouldn’t be any issue with them. If what you need is a simple and convenient under the bed shoe storage, than either of these products will get you just that!