Kitchen Storage Review - All Right Here.

Your current kitchen may have been just what you needed when all you needed to store were takeout containers in the fridge. Or maybe you bought it thinking you could work with it’s smaller size but realised, once you moved in, that you need a lot more storage capacity than originally thought. It’s much easier to buy kitchen storage cabinets than it is to buy a new house (or renovate your kitchen), and their increased popularity means that there are a bunch of different styles and sizes to choose from. If you need smaller kitchen cupboard storage, or larger kitchen cabinet storage, you will surely be able to find a kitchen storage unit that will fit in your home. They are compact and sturdy, so will have no problems fitting into a corner of your room, and are able to hold all of your pantry needs.

Kitchen storage cabinets should ideally come with adjustable shelving for taller items, and personalised organization, to give you the ease of a cabinet that fits your kitchen, and shelves to fit your food items. You can also find kitchen wall storage with a versatile enough look to fit in any room of your house, to complete all of your in-home storage needs. Because having a kitchen pantry is something everyone needs -even if you consider boxed macaroni and cheese a food group!

Sterilite 01428501 4-Shelf Cabinet with Putty Handles

Sterilite 01428501 4-Shelf Cabinet with Putty Handles

This plastic kitchen cabinet storage is perfect for those who either don’t have, or don’t want, to use tools in order to assemble their kitchen storage cabinet. Each piece snaps in place, but ensure you lay this out before you assemble, because once it’s snapped together, it’s snapped forever. The simplistic design and finish makes this cabinet perfect for any room, from kitchen to garage, and its compact design means that it can fit in almost any nook or cranny you want it to go in! The plastic finish means that this kitchen pantry storage is perfect for a simple clean, and versatile use, adding to its ability to fit any room in your home. This is perfect for families with children, as no matter how messy they can be, cleaning it will not take as much effort as it will to get them to clean their bedrooms!

The Sterilite is perfect if you need something compact and sturdy, and best of all, requires no tools. The doors, though sturdy, tend to teeter and fall out of place when force is used, as they are connected to the walls of the unit, and are not attached with door hinges. There is room to fit a standard padlock between the handles, should you want an added weight, or security, with your doors. This kitchen cupboard storage unit can hold four adjustable shelves, each with a 40lb capacity. Just keep in mind that it is still plastic, so unless the weight is evenly distributed, bowing can occur within the shelves. However, this is easily solved by keeping the heavier items on the bottom shelf, which will be able to hold more weight than the reset. No matter the case, when it comes to durability, the Sterilite will last for years, and the fact that nothing can be simpler to put together, only adds to its impressive resume!

What Stacked Up

Very durable inside and out

No tools required to install


Easy to clean

What Fell Short

Doors don’t have hinges, so are not very sturdy

Shelves can bow over time, or if weight is not evenly distributed

ClosetMaid 1556 Pantry Cabinet

ClosetMaid 1556 Pantry Cabinet

If you prefer a wood, or laminate, finish to better match the decor of your kitchen, this is the model you should go for. With espresso, dark cherry, and white finishes, you’ll be sure to find something to match the rest of your kitchen wall storage! The ClosetMaid is a compact kitchen

storage cabinet, with two fixed, and two adjustable shelves. Though it would be ideal for all four shelves to be adjustable, this kitchen cabinet storage still allows for taller items to fit inside, and each shelf can hold a lot of weight. Assembly may not be snap-to-fit simple, but all of the hardware is included, and all you need to supply yourself with are the screwdriver and hammer. Otherwise, the simplistic instructions make this kitchen pantry storage unit a breeze to put together!This is one of the few kitchen storage cabinets to come with a wall bolt, as well as covers for exposed hardware, to ensure there is a sleek finish once your pantry cabinet is fully installed. When not bolted to the wall, however, the sides of the pantry may sway, so for optimal security, it is suggested to firmly bolt the cabinet to the wall, with the provided hardware. Though it is made of laminated wood, which most associate with a kitchen cabinet, the design and finishes can fit in any room you may need additional storage. It’s sleek look is coupled with a durable finish, that is easy to clean for any messes that may come its way.

What Stacked Up

Elegant look. including covers for fasteners

Easy to assemble

Can bolt to the wall (recommended)


What Fell Short

Shakey without wall bolt

Only two adjustable shelves

To Close Up

A kitchen isn’t quite a kitchen, unless you have adequate room to store your pantry items inside of it. Without the basics, it will be nothing short of a hassle to cook meals, or organise your weekly grocery shopping. By purchasing an additional kitchen storage cabinet, you are utilising the available space in your kitchen, while allowing maximum storage capacity the food you have in said kitchen. Both of the aforementioned items will do an excellent job at keeping your pantry items stored and secured, while complimenting the other appliances and shelving in your kitchen. As there is no difference of performance, or durability with either of these kitchen storage cabinets, the only deciding factor really comes down to the finish you prefer. Whether it be a plastic or laminated wood finish, the decision is between you, and your kitchen.