Garage Storage Review - Get The Facts.

For those who have a garage, it is important to know just how useful they are at more than just an oversized junk closet. You can park your car inside so it's slightly warmer than the weather outside, and should there be a rain or snow storm while you’re parked inside, you don’t have to worry about being exposed to it (or cleaning snow off of your car). It’s also a great way to store your bicycles, gardening tools, snow blowers, washer fluid, camping supplies, and even food you want to keep cool, but don’t have room in your fridge for!

With there being a never ending list of stuff (or “junk” depending on the person) people keep in their garage, it becomes more difficult to fit in everything you need to, without cutting back on the important things that need to be stored in your garage (your lawn mower, or bicycles, for instance). Eventually, the thing that is sacrificed is your car, and ultimately, your convenience of not having to clean it off before you leave your home. With multiple overhead garage storage options out there, it is simple to store all of your garaged items, without having to sacrifice valuable car space! Once you have these installed and utilised, you’ll wonder how you ever let yourself live without the comfort of knowing just how simple it is to have enough room in your garage for everything you need inside of it.

SafeRacks 4X8 Overhead Storage Rack Heavy Duty

SafeRacks 4X8 Overhead Storage Rack Heavy Duty

There are printed, detailed, instructions to make for a fast and easy install, and should you prefer, SafeRacks also offers a step-by-step video instruction for you to see exactly what needs to be done. Just keep in mind that though the ceiling drop is customizable, it still will be quite tall, so unless you are willing to take a ladder each time you would like to place or remove your things on the top shelf, only store rarely used items on top, and keep the attachments for more convenient access. The powder coat finish is very durable, and the heavy duty metal will undoubtedly secure everything in your garage wall storage.

What Stacked Up:

Heavy duty material holds up to 600lbs

Compact fit allows for ample additional space

Easy-to-follow instructions, with video and offered support centre

Customizable drop length

What Fell Short

Price is quite high, so sales are encouraged

Lowest drop down length is still quite high for every-day items

Accessories, though inexpensive to buy, are not included

Racor PHL-1R Pro HeavyLift 4-by-4 Foot Cable-Lifted Storage Rack

Racor PHL-1R Pro HeavyLift 4-by-4 Foot Cable-Lifted Storage Rack

This hanging garage storage is slightly different in design than the average overhead garage storage system, because rather than be permanently fixed to the wall or ceiling of your garage, the Racor is a cable lifted rack. This means that it is mounted on your roof, and a pulley system raises and lowers your stuff with a winding axle, for convenient access any time you may need it. The Racor is able to lift and store up to 250lbs on its 4x4 platform, and can lower up to eight feet, for those with a taller ceiling. It is made from heavy duty steel, making it tough and durable, while handling heavy loads. The simple to use safety lock allows for ease of mind when using the garage overhead storage.

In order to install this one yourself, you need to be adept with using more than just a hammer and drill, and be comfortable with more complex DIY projects, as the instructions on this are aimed at an intermediate audience. It is about half the price of the SafeRack, which makes it more attractive to buy, and the crank system makes it a more convenient buy! The lag bolts on these are not the best quality, making them difficult to work with during the install, but will not affect the hold of the hanging garage storage system. The end result, however, is that of a unique design, with the ability to store everything you would want from an overhead garage storage. As an added bonus, you don’t need to worry about bringing a ladder with you every time you need something added or removed from your shelving, as long as you can manage a quick turn of the wrist.

What Stacked Up:

Sleek design

Roof mounted pulley system, for ease of access

Very strong and sturdy

What Fell Short:

Instructions not made for novice builders

Poor quality lag bolts

To Close Up

Contrary to what the popular view might be, garage wall storage systems have a way to be versatile in shape and structure, while still providing optimal storage, and added room for your garage. Whether they come as racks which are easily attachable to your ceiling or walls, or as a retractable pulley system to crank your things up and down, there is an affordable and reliable way to keep your garage organised. By having overhead garage storage, you can reduce the clutter in your garage, and still have enough room for your car to fit underneath. It is the best way to ensure that you are creating optimal space, while ensuring that the fixtures used are secure.